Gateway Laptop to Hotspot Converter


Turn your laptop into an Internet hotspot


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When you travel or need to use the Internet away from home, you generally have to find an available Wi-Fi network. Now you can make your life a little bit easier by having your very own hotspot no matter where you find yourself.

Gateway Laptop to Hotspot Converter is a tool that converts your laptop into a wireless hotspot, making it a Wi-Fi gateway to share Internet with friends or mobile devices.

How does it work? If your computer is connected to the Internet via LAN and you want to use it as a hotspot, just select the button 'Click here to setup your computer as a computer hotspot'. Otherwise, if you want to connect to other portable hotspots nearby, select 'Click here to connect to computer hotspot'.

The application will detect any available connections automatically, so you can manually select the LAN connection and select the wireless connection acting as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Then you just have to press 'Start Hotspot'. After that, the laptop access point is ready to use.

- 15 day trial version.

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